The HOWS Project at Future Water Networks 2017

Future Water Networks 2017 was an industry event held on December 4th-5th at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth with the tagline of "Shining a light on the possible: exploring the radical". The day included a heat of the Water Dragons 2017, exploring innovative entrepreneurial ideas in the water industry, and won by start-up Nuron. Presentations from a wide variety of water companies, consultants and technology companies followed covering a variety of new technology, systems and processes. Prof. Keedwell presented an overview of the HOWS project and invited collaboration from industrialists both in the project itself and in the water optimisation questionnaire.

Prof. Keedwell said: "The quality and breadth of the talks made for a fascinating insight into innovation in the water industry. The opportunity to present the HOWS project and receive feedback from industrialists was very welcome and has led to interest from a number of companies that weren’t previously involved in the project".