Prof. Dragan Savic

Professor of Hydroinformatics

Professor Savic (FREng, FICE, FCIWEM, FIWA, MASCE, CEng) is the UK's first Professor of Hydroinformatics having held this post at the University of Exeter since 2001. His research interests cover the interdisciplinary field of Hydroinformatics, which transcends traditional boundaries of water/ environmental science and engineering, informatics/ computer science (including Artificial Intelligence, data mining and optimisation techniques) and environmental engineering. Applications are generally in the environmental engineering/science areas, including water resources management (both quality and quantity), flood management, water & wastewater systems and environmental protection & management. Some of the research topics include:

  • development and application of decision-support systems, simulation and optimization models to improve understanding and provide solutions to water engineering problems;
  • hydroinformatics tools and techniques and their effective application to managing risk and uncertainties associated with water systems;
  • real-time management of urban water systems involving smart monitoring, telemetered systems and sensor networks;
  • cross-disciplinary complex system approaches to water resource management;
  • understanding of urban water distribution and wastewater systems, including technical, socio-economic and environmental issues;
  • integrated assessment modelling of the water-food-energy system/nexus;
  • integrated asset management methodologies for water industry applications.